The cornerstone of Azimuth objectives is to provide quality assured crew manning services and supply its clients with capable and service-conscious personnel that is:

  • Suitably qualified with all required watch keeping certificates endorsed in accordance with requirements of National and International manning laws and and of Convention on STCW 1978, as amended in 1995 and the Manila 2010
  • Medically and mentally fit for serving on board;
  • Sufficiently trained and experienced to operate their assigned tasks in the vessels; and,
  • Proficient in English to be able to carry-out their duties. And that is capable of:
  • Operating the ship safely and efficiently;
  • Avoiding injuries to personnel and loss of life;
  • Conserving and protecting the environment;
  • Complying with all applicable National and International rules and requirements;
  • Applying recognized industry standards when appropriate; and,
  • Preparing for emergencies, and disaster reduction.


Azimuth Myanmar is committed to conducting its business affairs in such a way as to achieve the highest quality of operation and service, in order to develop its enterprise with its fundamental values based on quality, integrity and customer satisfaction hereby establishes Quality Policy by providing high quality service to exceed the customer’s expectation and their requirements. To this effect, the company adopts its meeting requirements of MLC-2006 as the basic policy of Seafarers Requirement and Placement Service.

The Senior Management is responsible for the quality of service supplied to its customers and for ensuring that the commitment to quality is fully realized through the setting of Quality Objectives are to be reviewed annually as well as the associated targets and measurements techniques.

The policy Statement of Azimuth Myanmar Ltd.

Azimuth Myanmar is committed to conducting its business affairs in such a way as to achieve the highest quality of crew manning.

Quality will be achieved by conscious effort from all members of staff to continually improve the service level to the customer.

The staffs shall be trained in their specific procedures to ensure that this effort is successfully directed to the achievement of Quality Customer Service.

All members staffs are authorized to initiate action, identify and record problems, recommend and implement solutions to ensure non conformances are corrected. This will be achieved through Corrective Action.