HSEQ is a priority on all our vessels and our crewmembers are carefully selected to meet the particular requirements of individual ships. Our officers are highly skilled and experienced in running vessels of all types and sizes.

Many have worked with us for a long time, building mutual trust and an understanding of the professional standards we demand.

One of our key priorities is to create "company sailors" for each ship owner we work for. The client can then be confident that he has his own people, as it were, who see themselves not only as our seafarers but also as a part of his organization and are familiar with its particular.


As crew managers we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our ship-owner clients, ensuring that each vessel we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings.

We perform all crew-related functions including recruitment and selection, long- term strategic planning and pool arrangements, training, education and safety-instruction courses, mustering, travel arrangements, provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts.

We recruit and employ competent, qualified officers and crew at all levels. Our training framework is designed to maintain and improve onboard proficiency, and we also emphasize that our crewmembers should be able to communicate effectively in English.

We strive to maintain a high personnel re-employment rate by offering competitive wages, systematic feedback on professional performance, fostering a positive social environment onboard our vessels and being fully committed to our employees both onboard and ashore.